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  1. Sheldor
    Can we still do the things here?
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  2. Niall
    Niall ChadTheDJ
    Thank you Chad, for the opportunity you provided for many to develop their interpersonal and leadership skills within the staff team as well as the many opportunities enabled post MCGamer.
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  3. Nick
    Nick ChadTheDJ
    Check your LinkedIn messages please, I might be able to help.
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  4. violetheart17
  5. violetheart17
    That's pathetic. Banning Benny for being honest. You gave people the chance to speak their minds, so why censor their honest opinion?
  6. Linkdude1997
    that's unfortunate
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  7. Shelby
    Shelby ChadTheDJ
    The permissions are not allowing us to reply to your thread. Only staff and.. benny, cause his permissions are broken
  8. violetheart17
    Nobody can reply. -_-
  9. arsenal
    Chad I don't have perms to reply to the thread.
  10. violetheart17
    Yeah there's gonna be a lot to say.
  11. Swoopz
    Swoopz Linkdude1997
    bye linky :( I was inspired by you and your skills. I became good at bow because of you. Thanks <3
    1. Linkdude1997
      aw, no problem :)
      Oct 6, 2016
    2. Swoopz
      I'll miss you being on the forums. bye D:
      Oct 6, 2016
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  12. violetheart17