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Rdog is a Inappropriate body part on a male Dec 12, 2012

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      Rdog is a Inappropriate body part on a male
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    June 12
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    Your Name:Matt Frey
    Your Age:15
    Your Minecraft Username: PEYTONOWEN18.
    Your Forum Username (if different): PEYTONOWEN18
    Do you have any MCBans? (If so, explain): No, I do not have any MC bans on any server I have ever played on. I have always followed the rules.
    Past Administration or Moderating Experiences: I was a moderator on a Private server. IP: Bobjoeguy.dyndns.org
    What examples of situations will you use /kick?: When someone would continue to break the rules after being told to stop or given a warning. Breaking the rules once on accident is understandable ,but when someone continues to break rules after being stopped many times, they deserve to be kicked. I would also use it when a player is trying to get other players to leave the games by repeatedly saying " press alt f4 for free (item of value)" I would warn them, tell them to stop, if they did not stop after warning I would then ban them.
    What are some examples of situations that you would use /tempban?: I would use the command /tempban when someone continuously breaks the rules after being told to stop and they have previously been kicked. I would give warning before using /tempban, I would kick and if I observe them breaking the rules again I will temporarily ban the player.

    What examples of situations will you use /ban?: When a player continues to break rules, has been kicked, temporarily banned I will use the /ban command. If a player is harrasing other players and is making the morale of the players in the game lowered or a certain player is causing other players to leave the game due to their actions (besides playing well in MCSG). I would use it when it a repeated offender.
    Do you have the ability to record video?: Yes, I have recently bought Fraps to record people hacking, cheating, or breaking the rules on MCSG.
    How much time a week are you willing to donate to help moderate our forums and servers?: I am willing to donate as much time as possible. I do have school from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. After that time I will commit atleast two hours of my day to observing the servers.
    Where are you located? (Time Zone): I am located in United States Easter Time Zone.
    I feel that I would be a great addition to the MCSG staff. I would be fair but stern at the same time. I have been a two time Iron Donor to the server. I beleive I could help monitor the servers because I play alot of MCSG. I would be active on the forums and I would answer peoples questions when they had them. I would do my best to be the best moderator on the team. I am enthusiastic about having the opportunity to write this application, and having the opportunity to possibly be a Moderator.
    I, Matt Frey, accept the responsibilities by donating my own time by watching over MCSG Community and agree that any mistake or action not approved by the administration could result in permeant ban or removal from the website.