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Rush Hour 3 Funny Scene Script

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussions' started by YourJustBEAST, Feb 13, 2013.

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    Dec 1, 2012
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    y- may i help you?
    c- will be asking the questions old man! who are you?
    y- i am yu!
    c- no not me, you!
    y- yes i'm yu
    c- just answer the **** question. who are you?
    y- i have told you
    c- are you deaf?
    y- no, yu is blind
    c- im not blind, you blind
    y- that is what i just said
    c- you just said what?
    y- i did not say what, i said yu
    c- thats what im asking you
    y- and yu is answering
    c- SHUTUP!
    c- you
    y- yes?
    c- not you, him! whats your name?
    m- mi
    c- yes you
    m- i am mi
    y- he's mi and i am yu
    c- and im about to whoop yo old *** man cause im sick of playing games
    l- carter, carter
    c- imma kick his *** im sick of this!
    c- you know what **** you
    y- no, no yu not gay
    c- fine screw you scared me and screw everyone here im leaving

    y- i thought i told you, yu not gay, mi gay
    c- wait are you gay yes or not?
    y- yu is not gay, mi gay
    c- -.-

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