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Thank you.

Discussion in 'Community Corner' started by Swoopz, Oct 6, 2016.

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    Jul 19, 2015
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    I think I am many guilty of this. I took this server for granted. I never appreciated it enough as it needed to be. Despite the bugs, problems, and various situations of drama, I will severely miss this place. And I think this quote really comes to mind when I think of MCSG.

    ~ "You only know what you've got, when it's gone"

    I'd like to thank everyone for this amazing journey, the community and the staff. Wouldn't have been so fun without you guys despite what happened.

    Here are some people who have made an impact: Jordyy@[email protected]@Goldsminer @Kiirsten @CarrotTopp @Huzkyy Randm @Mentosss TheOfficialAG@[email protected] ToxicBlaze @Blazin @mcsgclient @Protip croe97@Teerex

    I will continue adding to this list.

    Thank you.
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